Our vision

Our vision on man and society

We are a contemporary and unique women's organization with a clear vision (mission and vision) on man and society. We start from the real world of women but are open to everyone who strives for a sustainable, just and solidary world. A world where women and men play an equal role in all domains. Where equality and freedom of choice for humans is central. This vision is reflected both in the operation of our local groups and in the positions that we take.

Time and Happiness

This policy period (2016 - 2020) we strive for ‘more time and happiness’ for women, for men and for society.
Women stagger under the weight of combined stress: work, caring for (grand)children and parents (in-law), managing the household, day in and day out. Women – in whatever stage of life – hardly make time for themselves.
The combination pressure is not just an individual problem. It is the consequence of structural and social inequality between women and men. The average woman spends 8 hours more on household and care tasks than men. For working men, there is an average working week of 39.5 hours; for women, this averages 31.5 hours. This unequal distribution and the stereotypical roles perpetuate each other and make women socially vulnerable: among other things, women have lower wages and pensions, hit a glass ceiling and are more prone to stress and burnout.
Femma strives for a balanced and quality combination model, so that women and men share paid and unpaid work equally and can combine both spheres of life in a quality manner. In order to arrive at that balanced and quality combination model, we propose quite a few measures, including the following:

  • Mandatory paternity leave of four weeks
  • More time for unpaid work with the 30-hour workweek
  • Quality, accessible, affordable and approachable childcare
  • More support for caregivers
  • Stereotype-free images of men and women.