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Top reasons to order a Femma card

For just 30 euro, you get your Femma card (valid for one year), with all the benefits listed on this page and a subscription to our magazine.

  1. You make new friends in your local area
  2. You can take part in exciting activities at fantastic Femma prices
  3. You won’t miss a single issue of our great Femma magazine
  4. You are part of an organisation that protects your interests, and those of women worldwide
  5. You can take a Femma women’s trip with us: close to home or faraway, atmosphere guaranteed and always unique
  6. You get discounts on books via the Femma boutique
  7. You enjoy lots of extra discounts

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1. Meet friends in your local area

 "As a working woman, my life is filled with stressy moments. Besides taking care of my family, doing the housework and my job, I wanted some time to myself. To get to know other women, have great chats before, during and after the activities.’
Wendy, Femma member since 2013. Foto (c) Karel Hemerijckx

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Or look for a Femma group in your local area via Groups in your local area.

3. Read our magazine every month

Every month, the Femma magazine lands on doormats of Femma members with great enthusiasm. It is always bursting with the most delicious recipes and most creative DIY tips. Other regular features are socio-critical stories with a touch of feminism.

Curious? Every month, we give you a little taste in our online preview.

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5. Join us on a women’s trip

Femma women’s trips is about sampling new cultures. Surrounded by nature or in a bustling city. For a few days or weeks. Together with women who, just like you, want to see a bit of the world. There are also trips for single mums and their children.
Photo: Single mum Lieve and her son on a dream holiday around Egypt.

Discover the full range of trips on our Travel page. Travel page.

Photo: Single mum Lieve and her son on a dream holiday around Egypt

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7. Enjoy extra discounts

Thanks to your Femma card, you also enjoy quite a lot of commercial discounts. Often, you will recuperate your annual subscription of 30 euro in one go. Discover the full overview on the Extra benefits page. In February, our magazine even came with an actual discount booklet.

Mieke of Femma Roeselare city: ‘At Leen Bakker, we fell in love with the lief! children’s room for our daughter Fleur. And we got a 10 percent discount thanks to the discount coupon in the coupon booklet. Fleur feels that she has the most beautiful room in the world.’

Photo: Mum Mieke and daughter Fleur in the room they bought at a Femma discount.

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